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The law says Employment Tribunal fees are unlawful - July 2017


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You will no doubt have heard that today (26th July 2017) the Supreme Court, in R (on the application of UNISON) v Lord Chancellor, held that fees charged to claimants in the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal are unlawful. The fee regime, the Supreme Court decided, has the effect of preventing access to justice and is discriminatory. It must therefore end immediately.

The Supreme Court considered the ‘dramatic and persistent fall’ (of over 65%) in the number of employment tribunal claims since fees were introduced. Fees contributed much less to tribunal costs than expected, had failed to deter claims that lacked merit, and did not appear to have promoted settlements through Acas. Lady Hale also considered the higher fees for more complex claims, including discrimination, were themselves indirectly discriminatory as a much higher proportion of these claimants are women. The higher fees had not been shown to be objectively justifiable.

Employers, who have seen a significant reduction in Employment Tribunal claims, can only see today's decision as bad news. There is no immediate action you can or should take, but the number of tribunal claims is likely to increase, both because the fees have been scrapped and because of the publicity attracted by today's decision. If you have any worries please do get in touch.

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